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Richardson OGE, Author, President and CEO of Bloggors

Richardson OGEAuthor, President and CEO of Bloggors

I am Richardson OGE, programmer and CEO of Bloggors. I am the author and editor of all Bloggors articles. I created this application for talking with strangers to connect all the people who want to talk with strangers in our DM and want to improve their communication skills, mainly through written communication. That's the basis of any conversation on the internet. I have over nine (9) years of programming experience and two (2) years of experience as a writer, and I know the subject of communication well. I have a strong interest in writing. I am a prolific writer and reader. I enjoy reading, researching, and browsing the internet. I'm in digital marketing, so my experience goes beyond just communication. I am well versed in marketing trends, technology, Google updates, and online marketing. I strive to provide as unique, relevant, and engaging information as possible to my readers and fellow digital marketers so they can stay current. I hope you learn a lot from my writing.

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