Community Guidelines for Bloggors

Last Updated: 2022-07-05

Bloggors allow users to talk anonymously to a stranger by sending messages back and forth. The application is often used by people who want to make new friends or find a date. The purpose of the Bloggors Community Guidelines is to advance this objective by offering broad guidance and outlining what's and isn't permitted on Bloggors. They aren't meant to fully categorize all forms of offensive or unlawful behavior or content. Common sense should serve as their guide, and they should desire respect from other users.

You must comply with all community guidelines in order to use the Bloggors website and any other services it offers, so that you're not blocked from using them. We may change the Community Guidelines at any time and for any reason, and any changes to our Community Guidelines will be posted here on this page. The Bloggors' community guidelines of Use apply to the Sites and their use, in addition to these Community Guidelines. We reserve the right to temporarily or permanently ban someone from using the site if they violate any of our community guidelines of use or to take any other appropriate action, with or without warning.

  • Violation of Laws. When using the services, you are required to comply with all local, national, and international laws. You may not present, encourage, offer, or solicit illegal actions or content in your content, activities, or behavior. We have the right to inform the police of such violations.
  • Sexual content or violence is prohibited All sexual content is forbidden when using our services. Content that promotes violence is strictly prohibited, and we may even report it to the police.
  • Advertising and Marketing. You may not market, advertise, or promote any goods or services using the services. You may be banned if we find that you are selling on the services.
  • Unauthorized disclosure of personal data. Respect the privacy rights of others. Never attempt to obtain or distribute sensitive content or reveal someone's private information without their consent.
  • Harassment of people. After a severe conflict with a person on our services, it is strictly forbidden to harass that person on other services or physically in their home. That also includes threats to kill, threats to commit an act of terrorism against the person, threats to mentally destroy the person, and any other threats that you feel you can physically and mentally destroy. Bloggors reserves the legal right to contact the police in any type of situation that we become aware of.
  • Animal abuse. It is prohibited to undertake or promote any activity that may harm or hurt animals.
  • Do not use bots. It is strictly forbidden to use our services with any ilk of the robot. If you do, you will never be able to use our services again.
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