Our main objective

Our main goal is to assist everyone in filling out their travel paperwork on their own with the support of our advise. We put a team of experts and lawyers at your disposal who will assist you and look for innovative ways to make your work easier and ensure that you fill out all of your forms with confidence.

Our online travel agency's code of ethics

Our ethical policy ensures that we conduct ourselves honestly in all of our activities on the site, and all Bloggors employees are required to do the same with the content they publish. We completely adhere to and follow our privacy policy to the letter.

Policy for content verification.

We make sure that our writers and supervising attorneys show us where their sources come from and that their sources must be certified by the country's immigration (if applying for a Visa, Study Permit, Permanent Resident) or extremely reliable travel magazines. But the majority of our articles are written by people who know the field extremely well.

Financial policy of our online travel agency

Bloggors is a completely free travel agency that is funded only by advertising revenue and also sometimes by Patreon and Ko-fi donations. Our supervisors, on the other hand, create content that they believe is unique in the search engine and worth writing about.

Process of publishing our articles

Before we write and publish an article on Bloggors, we thoroughly and rigorously research the topic to see if it's already available, and if it is, we bring something completely new to the topic from those already written. Our supervisors revise our articles from time to time to see if there are any grammatical errors, try to add style to the article to see if it can bring more meaning. The article is submitted to one of our immigration professionals and then our supervisors review it and confirm the changes.

How do we choose our writers at Bloggors?

At Bloggors, we prioritize people with extensive immigration expertise (such as lawyers), people who work in prestigious colleges, and people who enjoy traveling and find it necessary to write in unfamiliar areas.

Your suggestions will be much welcomed.

If you leave a question in one of our articles, or if one of our authors' articles does not match your expectations, you can express your opinion and properly explain the situation. You may also join the Bloggors Telegram channel to communicate to the team directly and explain what's wrong; we'll respond soon.

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