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Bloggors is a site created with the aim of showing all the people who love to learn online, the best destination cities to spend their trip and what you should and should not do.

Our Backstory: What we do.

Bloggors is a site created with the aim of showing all people who like to learn online the information they should know before choosing a means of transportation for their trip.

Our Backstory: What we do.

The best thing about Bloggors is that we will teach you some of the most crucial points when you use a means of transportation when you travel. The understanding of these points will stand provided by our team. You will know exactly how it works and what you need to know and have before using a means of transportation. All of our explanations on this subject will stand quite simple to understand and implement. However, if you still have any problems, you can contact us using our form, or you can only use one of our services so that we can help you. Our main goal is to make you understand certain risks when using the means of transportation. Our travel agency's website is extremely safe and reliable you can use it with enthusiasm.

Meet the members of our team that specialize in travel.

We are currently a team of twelve people, including writers, editors, programmers, and travel experts, and we strive to provide you with well-detailed information about the strange things that happen on transportation.

Bernard Jean, Internal Affairs Specialist
Bernard is a researcher who is passionate about his work. He helps us to find genuine facts about transportation and gives us clear explanations about some things that seem very important.
Chris Rans, Travel Specialist
Chris Rans has a tremendous ability in travel issues, he knows a lot about travel, he has already visited 71 countries, 41 American states, 80+ flights per year over 8 years throughout Europe, North and South America and Asia. and has helped over 100 students get scholarships. He is also very good at obtaining a study visa; he can help you get it quickly, easily and, most importantly, legally.
Jean Pattinson, Finance Manager
We can't discuss Bloggors without mentioning Pattinson, who plays an important position in the organization. He oversees all revenue, is accountable for everything, and most importantly, he shows us when things are going well and when they are not; he possesses a specific characteristic.
Rebecca Saint James, Manager
Rebecca Saint James is a member of a prestigious university in Canada, and she is an essential part of the company. Every day she comes up with new and engaging ideas, and thanks to her, we are always up to date and creating unique content that we feel is important and will be very useful if applied correctly.

Editors and & Travel Supervisor

Richardson OGE
Programmer, Lawyer, Traveler

Our travel agency's policies are as follows:

We are dedicated to providing accurate, unbiased information based on our comprehensive research to provide you with the most up-to-date information and insights. Every post we publish is thoroughly checked and rechecked in order to provide you with the most accurate information available.

We have a highly qualified staff who can assist you with obtaining your Visa, study visa, permanent resident status, or express entrance into Canada. If you have any inquiries about immigration or airline prices, you've come to the right place. You can also notify our team of editors if you nevertheless spot any errors in our content.

When it comes to writing, we follow a very rigid procedure. We approach travel subjects from the challenges that we find many people encounter; if you have an idea for material on the subject of travel or believe it will be valuable to a large number of people, you may send it to us and our staff will conduct thorough research, write it, and publish it. Click here to discover more about how we handle our article topics.

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James K.
"I am Haitian, I sincerely thank those who wrote this article, because it helped me a lot. The information is simple and very reliable, it helps me a lot to understand in which country it will be more interesting for me to get a Visa".
Catherine J.
"Thank you, continue on the same road it will help many people your article"
Jeremy D.
“Your topic is very educational, thank you for your help in helping me to understand even more and especially how I can get a Visa from Haiti.”

Leadership and biographies

Richardson OGE

Richardson OGEPresident and CEO

Richardson OGE has over 9 years of experience in the web design industry and has worked on various projects as a programmer for different organizations. He is not only a coder, but also a lawyer. Every day he looks for options that he thinks will benefit you, such as scholarships, Visa and so many others and opportunities in foreign countries, to make a long story short he plays a big role in this business.


Anton LyntonDirector of Technology

He's worked for years in a media company with plenty of prospects. He is motivated to discover possibilities for young people in politically tough countries to travel to other countries, as well as to pay for their college and realize their dreams. He formerly worked at Bloggors and is currently doing everything he can to pursue new and exciting chances.

Wayne Triston

Wayne TristonDirector of Marketing

Wayne Triston had already worked in other travel agencies before applying for this position; his resume blew us away and we couldn't believe that he had such a track record, as he worked in very small companies and brought them huge successes like millions of visitors; we hired him immediately, as he is extremely good in this area.

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