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Once the dissertation has been submitted, doubts may arise about the copyright of the final work. Jose King, Account Manager at Safe Creative, explains whether they belong to the student or to the university, or what happens if a company helps with the research.


Writing the Final Degree Project is not easy and it can be a heavy and long process. However, in the end it is usually a very exciting moment in a person's student life, as the dissertation allows you to go much deeper and do much more research on a specific topic of your degree. With luck, they can even open the doors of prestigious companies at the time of starting working life. However, there are many students who worry about what will happen once they hand in their dissertation. Who will own the copyright of the dissertation? Does it become the university's? What happens if you have hired a company to help you write your research? 

Copyright of the dissertation

The copyright of a Final Project belongs to the student who has carried out this work and is protected by the Intellectual Property Law, which protects the creative rights of a person when carrying out this project. In that way, all the effort and research of the writer will be protected so that others cannot illegally take advantage of it. 

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Therefore, it is not considered strictly necessary to register these copyrights: with the completion of the work they are generated directly. However, what happens if an academic writing services company is used to make the project more professional? In this case, there are certain factors that should be analyzed when choosing the company that will do it.

A few tips

One of the most important aspects to avoid future problems is to make sure that the company is reliable and registered. This avoids eventualities with the management of copyrights and the student is assured that they are handled correctly. 

It is also essential to check that both moral and economic rights are managed correctly and under favorable conditions. The former refer to those related to the right to be recognized as the person responsible for or author of a piece of writing. This is non-negotiable and cannot be traded. While the patrimonial ones can be sold and allow third parties to obtain benefits from the future income that this work may generate. Therefore, it is essential to negotiate good conditions on these rights with the contracted company.

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