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Animals are probably some of our best friends. They offer us companionship, help us deal with stress and anxiety, and even inspire us from time to time. So what can animals do for writers? Well, quite a lot.

If you're lacking inspiration or just looking for a new source of ideas, why not turn to the animal kingdom for some much-needed help? Before you do anything, you need to make sure that you know the eight(8) things to do before you write a story. Animals are great seeds of inspiration for writers of all kinds. From fiction to non-fiction, animals will give you everything you need to create a compelling story.

In that blog post, we explore 11 inspiring real-life animals that will help you write a captivating fantasy story.

1. Write Fantasy Story: The Octopus.

The octopus is one of the most captivating sea animals you can use as inspiration for a fantasy story starter. First of all, the octopus can give your story a more interesting twist, especially if you give it the role of the villain. Second, the octopus has an alien quality that will appeal to readers because it is not easy to see. According to philosophers, the octopus can distinguish human beings, even if they all wear the same uniform. They are the most complex and intelligent marine animals that have no common ancestors with humans.

An Octopus with a swimmer in the sea

2. Write Fantasy Story: The Saguinus Midas.

The Saguinus Midas is one of the primates that can become a source of inspiration for your imaginary story. They are fast and agile. They can jump up to 18 meters from a tree to the ground without any sign of harm. They are about 28 meters long at the most.

The Saguinus Midas on a tree in the forest.

3. Write Fantasy Story: Bush’s Thorny Viper.

This reptile looks a lot like a fantasy creature, like a dragon, for example. It could help you to have the imagination to create fantasy story characters in your story. They stood seen in Africa and the tropical regions of Asia. They come in different colors and have spiky scales. This snake can help you increase your ideas for being a successful fantasy story maker. Don't hesitate to get inspired.

A snake that looks like a dragon

4. Write Fantasy Story: Dragon Snake.

The Dragon Snake is one of the reptiles that can inspire your story. They have three rows of spiky scales and are not deadly like other snakes. They come from Indonesia. They are small. You can't keep them as pets - they almost always die. They are nocturnal and, unlike real dragons. They only eat frogs, small fish, and tadpoles.

Dragon Snake that looks like a fan fiction animal in a movie.

5. Write Fantasy Story: The Giant Golden Lizards.

The Giant Golden Lizard is one of the closest animals to a dragon that can inspire you to write fan fiction. It looks like one of the dragons from the Game of Thrones or House of Dragon series. Males are up to 20 cm long (including the tail), and females are up to 15 cm. The males are recognized by their tail cause they are longer than the females and by the fleshy buttons that are found in the tail of the male. The females have none of this.

A lizard that looks like a dragon

6. Write Fantasy Story: Goblin Shark.

The goblin shark is a marine animal that director Ridley Scott based his film Alien: Covenant. This shark can give you a source of imagination when you check out characters to write fan fiction.

This shark is thought to be one of the scariest sharks in the sea. They can measure up to 14 inches when they reach adulthood. It feeds on teleost fish, cephalopods, and crustaceans. It has 35 to 53 rows of upper teeth and 31 to 62 rows of lower teeth.

Goblin Shark that looks like a fan fiction animal in a movie.

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7. Write Fantasy Story: Glaucus Atlanticus.

It is most often called the "Blue Dragon." It's a small animal that would have become a source of inspiration for the creators of Avatar and Abyss. If its creators found inspiration to write fan fiction, why not you? They live found in tropical and temperate waters. They measure up to 55 cm long. If you meet them one day, I advise you to avoid touching them to avoid painful burns.

A Glaucus Atlanticus or Blue Dragon that looks like a fan fiction animal in the movie Avatar

8. Write Fantasy Story: Red-lipped Batfish.

The Red-lipped Batfish is a fish that can inspire you to create fantasy story characters. Let's take as an example the movie "Finding Nemo." As you can see in this movie, there are various marine fish. They can give you a lot of great ideas for stories. These fish aren't good swimmers. They use their pectoral fins to walk on the ocean floor.

Red-lipped Batfish that looks like a fan fiction animal in a movie.

9. Write Fantasy Story: Tardigrades.

Tardigrades are small, eight-legged animals that measure up to 0.5 mm when fully grown. These little animals inspired director Alec Gillis to create the movie "Harbinger Down," in which you can see a crashed Soviet space capsule containing a cosmonaut infected with mutant tardigrades that have infected all the ship's crew members. These little animals are one of the inspirations that can inspire you to write a fan fiction story. 


They aren't indestructible, you can easily crush them with your fingernail, and they are also sensitive in a normal state. If they start to get old: they enter a unique phase called cryptobiosis. They lose their body water, stiffen up, and enter a dormant vegetative state, in which they can withstand low temperatures and very, very high pressures or even vacuum.

Tartigrade that looks like a fan fiction animal in a movie.

10. Write Fantasy Story: Aye-aye.

The aye-aye is a rodent-like animal found in Madagascar. Directors Tom McGrath and Eric Darnell were inspired to create the character of Maurice in the Madagascar franchise. There are many fantasy story characters you can make with this little animal when your story lives based on animals. It measures 43 centimeters from head to body, and its tail alone measures up to 61 centimeters. Its food is larvae, which it finds in the woods.

Aye-aye that looks like a fan fiction animal in a movie.

11. Write Fantasy Story: Chrysina Limata.

Chrysina Limbata is a species of beetle found in the tropical woods of South America, Mexico, and Costa Rica. It belongs to the genus Chrysina and a subfamily of beetles called Rutelinae. It is remarkable for its metallic and reflective silver color. Its color can give you an extraordinary imagination to invent fantasy story characters.

No, it's not chrome. It is a wonder of nature in a beetle native to Costa Rica.

Chrysina Limbata who looks like a fan fiction animal in a movie.


Animals are inspiring, especially those that humans don't see very often or have just discovered. They can help you write a good story even if you don't know how to write a fantasy story because their appearance will give you many ideas to write a fanfiction story. If you still can't think of a story to write, grab a look at these animals, which might give you an idea for creating characters in your tale. Use them as a starting point to develop your fantastic characters to make your story better than it is.

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