GitHub Copilot X: this is the new ChatGPT-like AI aimed at helping programmers

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Although AI is focusing on everyday users, there are also proposals for developers, as is the case of GitHub Copilot X, which has just been born.

GitHub Copilot X: this is the new ChatGPT-like AI aimed at helping programmers

In a few years, 2023 will be known as the year where AI was the protagonist. Throughout the few months of the year, companies have launched their different proposals for models that use artificial intelligence to develop any type of activity and, today, we have a new one: GitHub Copilot X.

Well, actually we have two new AI models since Adobe launched Adobe Firefly just a few hours ago. Mind you, these two new AIs have nothing to do with each other as they are intended for completely different domains. Adobe Firefly being an image generative model and GitHub Copilot X being a sort of ChatGPT for programmers.

Yes, what is new from GitHub is what can be roughly understood as a helper with Artificial Intelligence when it comes to programming. This new assistant called GitHub Copilot X comes with a series of features that make it very interesting, although it is already based on the fact that it will help developers to program.

This new AI has a Codex model of OpenAI which makes it capable of writing 46% of the platform's code, although this is not all and at the level of help is able to get programmers to perform the development of applications up to 55% faster which can speed up product deliveries.

GitHub Copilot X: the new AI designed to help developers

Copilot X is an enhanced version of GitHub's Copilot that was introduced a couple of years ago. This new version comes with a number of improvements such as, for example, an interface that offers a similar experience to the one found when using ChatGPT so users can be familiar with its use.

This is not all since Copilot X is now able to recognize the code that a developer has written and also the different error messages that may have appeared when executing it. By understanding both, the AI is able to provide much more accurate messages and, therefore, be useful when generating code.

Integration is one of the most interesting features of Copilot X on GitHub. In fact, new features are still being tested, such as this AI being able to automatically suggest different paragraphs as the programmer develops code. It will also alert in case there is some kind of error that has not been noticed.

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