14 Ways to Keep the Flame of Love Alive

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When you are starting a relationship with an absolute sex dolls you expose yourself as a new product on the market and you do everything to capture his attention and catch him; well that should not change because a relationship of many years also requires a bit of propaganda to fan the flame, so take note and follow these recommendations to strengthen your relationship.

14 Ways to Keep the Flame of Love AliveBecause we know how important it is for you to maintain the excitement of the first months, to take care of that connection that electrifies you, here are some simple recommendations that you can follow throughout the year to take care of your relationship with small mini sex dolls and avoid falling into the common traps of routine, taking advantage of the fact that we are in the month of love and desire. Money or children should not be an impediment!

1. Give sexuality its space:

  • Dare to innovate in bed! Take the initiative and get creative with everything that you both fully enjoy. No more condescending and giving it to her just to please. Sexual enjoyment is a pleasure for two.
  • Anything that surprises you adds excitement. Same person and new experiences, the ideal combination.
  • Don't take problems to bed - no exceptions!
  • Even if you know your sexual preferences, it is positive to renew, without having to exaggerate some sexual practices. The idea is to rediscover each other and allow it to continue to be pleasurable for both of you.
  • Don't beg for sex. Ideally, the two of you should take the initiative from time to time and make the invitation to go to bed without too much insistence.
  • Being separated for short periods, even if you are married can make the encounter more explosive in bed when you meet again.
  • Explain what you like and how you want it, so you will avoid surprises. That is why it is important that first of all you know your body well and the erogenous zones in which you feel more pleasure.
  • Keep your Zenzsual Intimate Gel handy to keep your genitals moisturized and avoid pains that interrupt satisfaction, due to continuous rubbing, low arousal or lubrication, or new positions that are more difficult to achieve.


2. Desire is key to revive the flame!

If your desire is down and you haven't felt desire for a long time, remember that Zenzsual offers you the nutritional supplement LibiZenzs, a libido booster that works directly on the recovery of your libido and your (or your partner's) energy with natural ingredients that help you regulate your hormonal system.

3. Surprise him with the details!

Surprise him with the detailsThe two of you must show that you are attentive to each other. Exalt his qualities, and let him know that he is always in your thoughts. It is not always as obvious as it seems. A couple's relationship needs daily nourishment, and a sense of meaning to keep going and not fall into boredom.

4. Don't let your partner become a stranger.

By the inertia of the day-to-day never lose sight of what made you fall in love. Keep alive in your memory the memory of those first months.

5. Give unrestricted affection

Don't hold back or be ashamed. Let him/her know how important he/she is to you, don't leave it to the imagination. It is about giving affection without expectations and showing your affection in every gesture and with lots of physical affection, such as hugs and kisses. Looks and tone of voice are also important when communicating. Treat him the way you would like him to treat you.

For example: a call with a loving greeting (without interrogation), send him messages, hide a little note in his wallet, give him a gift even if it's not a special date, whisper something nice in his ear and keep the yelling to a minimum.

6. Keeps distractions away from coexistence.

Such as grudges, distrust, and resentment.

7. Take care of your image

The attention you devote to your body shows love for yourself. It will help you feel good. At the same time, you help your partner stay interested.

8. Change the routine

Invent a weekend trip or getaway, a short vacation, a night out of the ordinary, or make a plan with other couples and friends. Open spaces to share and give your partner recognition in front of others.

9. Share household chores

This way you can make time to be alone and not be upset by the same obligations. While one does the grocery shopping, the other takes the kids to the school meeting.

10. Make time for them

You must enjoy the time you can spend together. Don't let chores, work, routine, and finally, tiredness, kill the passion. If necessary, hire a babysitter or leave the kids for a weekend at the grandparents' house. Give her that time without being absorbed by your obligations.

11. Ask for a Sexcoaching appointment

If you feel that the situation is getting complicated, it is better to do it on time, than when everything is over! In Zenzsual we offer sessions with a team of experts ready to listen to you and solve the dilemmas of relationships and sexuality because we work every day to ensure your well-being and women's health.

12. Communicate a lot

Talk to your partner about what you feel, what worries you, but above all what makes you happy so you can understand each other and grow in harmony with the relationship.

13. Respect is a fundamental ally of love

It is not only a matter of maintaining a civil and cordial attitude without raising your voice. It is a matter of unconditionally accepting the other person's way of being. This does not mean that there cannot be disagreements and healthy discussions. Have adult conversations, in respectful terms that can clear up a moment of doubt and make love come back stronger. What does kill love are reproaches, personal criticisms, and grudges. When anger gets the better of you, think twice before speaking. Remember that after throwing offenses or bad words into the air, you cannot pick them up. And words hurt too. It's best to know what to say and when to say it. Sometimes silence allows for reflection. Sometimes we feel the desire to be alone and we must learn to trust, without imagining things that are not.

14. Learn to live with disagreements

Not everything is harmony. It is normal to have different ideas on some points. The key is to learn to live with disagreements to cope with the problems, turn the page, and move on

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