How to set up an IVR system in an educational center?

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This interactive voice response equipment helps to manage calls through personalized voice menus that allow directing them to the right person without human intervention, among other functions.

This interactive voice response equipment helps manage calls with customized voice menus that, among other things, allow calls to be routed to the right person without human intervention.

Managing phone calls in a school can be a tedious task, especially if the volume is very high. To facilitate this work, it is possible to use an IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system, a telephony solution that allows interaction with callers to the center's switchboard through voice menus: "press 1 if you want to speak to management", "press 2 to speak to administration"... In this way, incoming calls can be efficiently distributed directly to the desired service without the need for any intervention whatsoever.

But this is not its only function. It is also possible to forward them to external numbers, in case the person in charge is not in the center at that moment, or to play previously recorded voice announcements designed to provide answers to frequently asked questions such as schedules, events, tutorials... In addition, an IVR system has other more advanced possibilities such as recording calls, creating messages in up to 16 different languages or setting up automatic surveys to verify the degree of customer satisfaction. 

There are several benefits of implementing this type of technology: having a well-configured interactive voice menu directs customers exactly according to their needs and avoids unnecessary conversations. It also helps to avoid clogging the answering machine with a high volume of calls thanks to the various options available in the menu. It also enhances the center's professional image by providing customers with an immediate interactive menu that shows the ability to respond to their request in a simple, automatic and quality manner.

How to configure the IVR system

To configure and use this type of technology in the educational center it is not necessary to have physical infrastructures, specialists, or independent software. The first step is to sign up for a telephony plan such as Ringover's and create an account. Once logged in, the supervisor's control panel is accessed. There, the center configures the opening hours of its IVR depending on whether it operates 24 hours or limited hours. It can also configure the IVR menu, with which to visualize and design simple and complex call flows to obtain the desired result. Finally, just record and customize voice messages through an online studio. 

Once up and running, the center can access a report of the keys used by its customers in order to refine and modify its IVR system software to optimize the process. For example, if a key is never used, you can decide if it needs to be removed. Similarly, you will be able to access detailed call statistics to analyze the performance of each interaction: response rate, average call duration, average response time... and use these indicators to improve the management of your inbound calls.

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