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In August, I wanted to promote some of the articles I had written on this site. But before I did, I thought why not use the old techniques I used in 2014? I used to share my articles up to a hundred times in two a lot of different groups in less than five minutes, and they would get thousands of views, but over the years this has evolved, and Facebook has created powerful bots to counteract this kind of spam. I was in turmoil when I saw that Facebook had spotted my site and the worst part was that they banned me for life, and I couldn't get any more traffic. So what did I do? I did what you did, I did a Google search and typed in the term "How to unblock my site's domain on Facebook". I found a lot of techniques that sounded interesting but didn't help me much in the end since my site was still blocked.

Here is the proof.

You can see in the picture that Facebook prevents me from publishing my site.The proof or Facebook had well and truly banned the URL of Bloggors.

At the time, I was using Facebook in French. That's why you saw that the warning stands written in French. Don't worry. I'll translate it for you.

Here is the translation.

Posts that seem spam depending on our community rules are blocked on Facebook and can't be changed.


Now. I will show you below the list of techniques I found on Google to unblock my domain URL. These techniques did not work and will NEVER work because of the Facebook algorithm change. These techniques will not unlock your domain even though some posts say you bear to wait a few days, weeks, or even months for them to respond. So they may work in the future. If Facebook chooses to change its algorithm again. Without further ado, here is the list of techniques I found, and you shouldn't waste your time doing them to unblock your domain on Facebook.

1. Contact Facebook from the Share Debug program by clicking on "Let us know".

I don't know if you've heard of Facebook's "Share Debug Program". If you know what it is and have already used it before. Don't contact them from the "Share Debug Program" anymore. They will NEVER read your message because of the algorithm change. For those of you who don't know what it is, I'd like to explain what it is.

The "Share Debug Program" is a page that Facebook has made available to you that you can use to check if your site or post is going against the community standards. To use it, all you have to do is insert the URL of your domain name.

Now that you know what we're talking about it. Let's continue. When you click on "please let us know," you are taken directly to a page that allows you to contact them.

I don't know if it worked for some people, but it didn't work for me. I sent dozens and dozens of messages though I NEVER received a response. I don't recommend using this technique because it won't work due to the algorithm change. You will only waste your valuable time.

2. Retrieve your friend's phone to appeal this decision.

I read an article that mentioned this as one of the best methods to get Facebook to unblock your domain. The post said that you should contact between fifteen and twenty people to submit a call for your site, and these people should never use the same device, IP address, and FB ID multiple times. You only have to wait fifteen to twenty days for Facebook to unlock your domain name. 

Let me tell you that won't work either. Why is that? Because I contacted over seventy people to submit an appeal to unblock my site's domain, and despite everything, my domain stood still blocked on Facebook. This technique doesn't work. Even if it had worked for some, you should know that it is now obsolete.

3. Send an email to Facebook.

The last technique I've seen that many articles talk about a bunch more is writing to Facebook via email. Facebook hates and doesn't like it when you note them directly via email. I believe it is due to the volume of emails they receive each day. I tried to write to them, and all I got was an automated response telling me that they stand going to check the content of my site and that I ought to read their community standards to find out what is and is not allowed on Facebook. Honestly, if you use this technique, you will hate Facebook. You will think that Facebook is the worst company that doesn't care about its users. I don't recommend this technique. It's even worse than the others.

Here is the list of emails that did not work when I asked Facebook to unblock my domain URL.

If you mailed a note to Facebook from its emails, you should know that you will only receive an automatic message and nothing else.



But if these techniques don't work. What did you do to unblock your site's URL on Facebook? Since you say that none of these methods work.

A: I contacted the Facebook assistant. At first, I couldn't use it because I was using it on another account, and I had never paid for any ads on Facebook with that account.

What if the Facebook support team is not available for your Page?

A: If they are not available to you. You must pay for at least one ad from your Facebook Page. This way, Facebook will see you as a potential customer. After a few hours or days, you will see the "Contact Us" button. Facebook favors customers who pay for ads.

What if I don't have money to pay for an ad on Facebook to unlock my domain name?

A: I used a technique that worked for me that I can advise you to use when you don't have money to unlock your domain. You ought to make sure that you have at least one valid card that can stand added to Facebook Ads to give the impression that you will pay your bills. Don't worry. This technique works since it had worked for me. You won't stand charged for Facebook Ads. Once Facebook Ads have accepted your card into its system. You must automatically deactivate your card before the ad will run. After one day of running your ad, Facebook will prevent your ad from running for the following days since your card blocked.

Now, since you have already run ads on your Facebook Ads account. They will view you as a potential customer and give you access to their support.

To be more clear with you. I will detail the steps you need to follow step by step.

  • Have a valid card (one that hasn't expired yet and that you still have control over).
  • Insert it in Facebook Ads.
  • Create an ad.
  • Let it run until Facebook Ads sends you its invoice.
  • After 24 hours, check if you can write Facebook support.

How can I write to Facebook Ads support to unblock the URL of my site?

To write Facebook support. It's not that complicated, and you can do it yourself. In my case, I had to do it on my phone. You can do it on any device. It will work. There are only two ways you can reach them, and you will get a response from them.

1. You can contact them at the help center.

You should know that the help center isn't available every day for everyone, even if you are used to paying for ads. In some countries, the Facebook Help Center is partially available.

Here are all the steps you need to take to write to the help center.

  • Go to
  • Click on the settings icon in the top right corner.
  • Click on "Help and Support."
  • Then click on "Help Center."
  • If you are using a browser, it will take you directly to the application.
  • Just click on "Get Help."
  • If the help center is available. Just enter your personal information. i.e. your email address, select your page and write a description of your problem.
  • Then click on "Submit." That's it.

This image shows you that my message did go to the Facebook help center so that it unblocks the URL of my site.Here is the translation.

Request sent. Help is coming!


2. You can contact them to report a problem.

If the first option is not available to you. Don't worry. You can use this step, and you will get a quick response. When you use this option, you need to remember the email address you gave to Facebook when you signed up to see if they responded to you. If you didn't sign up with an email address. I suggest you check your personal information on Facebook to see if you have already entered an email address. If not, you need to add an email address.

Here are all the steps you need to follow to write Facebook support.

  • Go to
  • Click on the settings icon in the top right corner.
  • Click on "Help and Support."
  • Then click on "Report a problem."

his image shows you where you have to report a problem in order to unblock the url of your site on Facebook.When you get to the "Report a problem" page. You will see two fields. The first field is named "Select a product." In this field, you must choose "Pages."

In the second field, you should briefly describe your problem. You should indicate how you think you encountered this false positive. You need to make sure that your site is available and that it yields with the Facebook community rules. That's why I strongly encourage you to read the Facebook community rules.

Here is an example of what you should write.

Hi Facebook SupportCenter!

With the utmost respect, I would like to inform you that the URL for this website has stood blocked on Facebook. (Please describe in depth how and why you think Facebook has banned your domain from its platform. Here is an example: Recently, I think the reason is that someone shared the link to his blog posts several times in more than 20 groups. I get notifications from Facebook saying that this link is spamming, but it's not true at all).

Here is the message:

Warning: This post contains blocked content: Your post could not stand sent because it has some content that others on Facebook have reported as abusive.

But this site has not violated any of your policies. It adheres to your content-sharing policy.

Below is a link to this page. Check it out, please. That website doesn't spam.

That's a (you must describe your site in one line. Here is an example: Site for chatting with strangers, and it has a communication blog section).

URL: (You must replace this URL with the name of your domain).

I appreciate your patience.


This message is complete. You only have to do three things in this message. The first thing explains how and why you think Facebook has blocked your domain's URL. The second thing is to give a brief description of your site. The third thing is to replace the URL in the message with your own. All that remains is to click the "Submit" button and send them the note.

How long will it take for Facebook support to get back to me after I send them the message to unblock my domain URL on Facebook?

In my case, when I sent my message. They gave me an automatic reply confirming that in about two hours. I will find support to give me an answer if my domain URL can be unblocked or not. If this doesn't work for you. Facebook's algorithm can change. You have to be patient and wait up to seventy-two hours.

Here is the proof where they told me that it would take them two hours to respond to me. 

You can see it in that picture where they confirmed they received my message in an automatic reply.

This picture shows where they told me it would take them two hours to respond to my message so that they would have assistance in unblocking the url of my domain on Facebook.

I had written to them in French. I will translate for you the automatic reply I obtained.


We have received your question and your reference number is 2016699885187681. Our goal is to respond within 2 hours, but it may take longer for files sent overnight. If you do not get a response from us after this time, please check your spam folder.

In the meantime, you can find detailed information about Facebook Ads in the Business Help pages:

We'll be in touch soon!

Note: Please be sure to exclude Facebook domains (, from your spam folder to receive our response to your request.


The Facebook Concierge


After exactly two hours. An assistant named Leila confirmed that she had received my message and had filed a request with her superiors to unblock my domain.

Here is the evidence where she answered me.

Here is the conversation where the assistant Leila answered me.

This picture shows where Leila, the Facebook support, confirmed that she received my request and told me that she had sent a request to have my site url unblocked on Facebook.

She answered me in French. I will translate her answer for you.

Hello Richardson,

Thank you for contacting Meta Support Pro, my name is Leila, and I am happy to help you. I've heard about your problem, so I've filed an internal request about it, I'm now waiting for their feedback.

Have a great day,


Meta Pro Team | A contracted service for Meta


I waited for more than three days to get an answer from her. When I received her message. Leila proved that she had unblocked the URL of my domain. I was in "WE DID IT" mode. It was my greatest joy that day. I was so happy. :)

Here is the proof where she confirmed that I can use the link of my domain normally on Facebook. 

You can see her answer in the image because of this time. She wrote me in English.

This picture shows where Leila, the Facebook support, confirmed that my site url was unblocked on Facebook and that I can now use my site properly.

What should I do if I NEVER received a response from Facebook to unblock my site?

If you have never received a response from Facebook after seventy-two hours of waiting. You need to contact me so I can follow up for you. You must keep in mind that when I follow up, you must have a Facebook page that has the URL that Facebook has banned from its platform. You must explain to me in detail how you think Facebook banned your URL. For example, for this domain, Facebook was banned for SPAM reasons. I wanted to get a lot of visitors for my articles. I shared them a bulk in many Facebook groups, which caused my domain to stand banned for life on Facebook.

Facebook may block your domain for other reasons in their community if you have not complied with their rules of use. You must tell me everything. My follow-up will stand sent directly to them.

Will this follow-up cost me money?

Yes, it will cost you money. You can contact me on Telegram to find out the price and how the tracking will stand done. Remember, if the domain isn't unlocked. I will refund all your money.


That's all. Now you know how I managed to unblock the URL of this domain. I think I told you everything you need to know about how I cleared this domain's URL and how you can do it yourself. I hope it works for you, as it did for me.

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