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Did you know that to serve on your college or university's board of trustees, you must master reflective writing and expressive writing? If so, you simply must master them, or you will have a hard time getting in. The administration of any institution requires that you master both types of writing before you can get on the board. As you can see, it's all around getting them so that you don't confuse them with receptive and expressive language. That's why I strongly encourage you to read this article so that you can understand and explain to someone else the difference between expressive and reflective writing.

This picture helps you to have an idea about the difference between reflective writing and expressive writing. The expressive writing is personal writing in which you write down everything that is going on in your head and reflective writing paper helps you to get out your feelings and realizations that you don't know exist.

1. What is reflective writing?

"Reflective writing" is a method of thoughtful writing in which one deliberately asks questions about past experiences and situations.

Where is reflective writing most often used?

Reflective writing is also used in the mental health field and, more recently, in corporate training and evaluation methods to increase self-awareness, reflect experiences into the present, and promote growth.

Some examples of reflective writing.

  • What did you think at the time? 
  • Why did you feel that?
  • What would have happened if I hadn't done that? 
  • What would you do now? 
  • What else did you notice?" 

What is the purpose of reflective writing?

Reflective writing intends to bring out feelings and awareness you didn't know existed when you asked these questions. 

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2. What is expressive writing?

"Expressive writing" is, as the name implies, writing whatever comes into your head, without being aware of being seen, without worrying about grammar, correctness, or incorrectness, rambling on and on, and by looking at it, you can see what's in your head. It's a kind of thought organization method.

Where is expressive writing most often used?

Expressive writing is mostly used in the mental health field for diagnosis or treatment.

Once you have mastered these two concepts, you will have no trouble serving on the board of your institution. Your writing will look professional when you have to speak or write an opinion for the administration. I wish you the best of luck. :)

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